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Monday, January 31, 2011

Online Shopping : STORETS

heya all .... dreaming about your spring collection??? well, yes I do... it seems it's all about camel and nude colors combined with flashy fuschia, blue, and greens... i loved the Gucci spring/summer 2011 collection... everybody knows i'm into color and lots of it... check this lovely site for onling shopping did you love something there?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


heya, who does not adore handmade bags so elegant and practical. Well, I do. check out the wonderful bags and a very talented Lebanese designer what do you think?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BYBLOS in Lebanon

heya all. as promised here are the photos i took while walking around in Byblos town. The history of Byblos goes back to about 7,000 years. A small Neolithic fishing community settled alond the shore. Byblos today a
modern town with an ancient heart, it's a mix of sophistication and tradition. The old harbour with it's medieval old walls and beautiful fish restaurants and hotels, cafes in the old souk. check out the photos with my camera and let me know what you think.

Monday, January 24, 2011

ARMANI Hotel Couture

Good morning all. Well who doesn't know Armani the man behind amazing clothes and accessories. Today I will talk about his hotel in Dubai. Of course, what makes the Armani hotel exclusive is the man behind the vision, Giorgio Armani. Not only is he one of my favourite designers, after reading a Biography "Being Armani" by Renata Molho, I realized what a wonderful person he is and so much creative. check his hotel at and emerge yourself into this elegant hotel in dubai with the first ever in-house Armani Spa.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sightseeing in BYBLOS, LEBANON

Good morning everyone. Well i walk up today with an urge to eat a Mankoushe aal saj, a typical lebanese bread with thyme over it which is delicious. So, i'm heading over to Byblos (one of my favourite places in Lebanon). Will eat my mankoushe there near the lovely sea and shoot some photos of this amazing place with over 6000 years of Phoenician history. I promise to bring with me lots of beautiful photos :) and post it here with a brief information about Byblos town. Stay tuned and have a great weekend people of the world.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Favourites of Princess TiTi

hi, in the coming days I will shed light on my favourite things like designers, brands and many others. Stay tuned and next week i promise to start posting also some of my travel photos specially the ones from Italy. Keep reading ....


Heya world. As promised yesterday, I want to talk in today''s post about my favourite make up artist in Lebanon. He's style is so up to my personal taste in make up... some styles are so sophisticated others funky and crazy "just like me :) and above all he's just a super cool and down to earth person. At my brother's wedding I squeezed myself in his busy schedule for the make up session, which was absolutely lovely and admired by almost everyone who saw me at that day. Please check out his website If you contact him, mention that you heard about him from my blog (you might get a nice surprise who knows :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Online Shopping SEPHORA cosmetics

heya, who doesn't looooove make up and all the accessories that come along with it. I just love Sephora shop, but unfortunately we don't even have one in Beirut YET. So, lovers of Sephora you can have your items shipped to you by online shopping on their site and best of all register yourself to their site for Beauty Insider's special discounted items that only YOU as beauty insider benefit from. What do you think of that for a start ? :) I'm already registered and buy from them. Tomorrow I'll be shedding light on one of my favourite Make up artists in Lebanon. Come back to get the news.

Adore ITALY: "What Else?"

Well, I've been thinking lately WHAT are the things that As Princess TiTi I like and interests me, and above all that excites me in LIFE :) here are some. 1. Boutique Hotels with lots of charm and character 2. Unique Jewelry Designers 3. SPAs Of course 4. Fashion "Cool stuff with affordable prices" 5. TRAVEL, Travel, Travel 6. Restaurants 7. Lounges To wrap it up "Luxurious" lifestyle to fit to a Princess's worldwide Diary.


Heya, Good morning all. This morning I couldn't wake up and all I wanted to do is stay in bed or spend the lovely day in a SPA pampering myself (something that I like most). Well, at the end I had to wake up also from my daydreamings and uppppps head to work. Lately I was so attached to this SPA thing and when i found this place I couldn't but start thinking of my next trip. As much as I love Italy, but am finding Spain much more fun, amazing clothes and most of all who doesn't know their best beaches, hip and funky islands. Asia Gardens introduces THAI SPA to Spain's lovely Costa Blanca Region. Check it out this amazing hotel/SPA.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Online Shopping: SU-SHI amazingly Spanish

Heya, good afternoon world. Many of my friends are bag shopping addicts (which is nice and i love having them in my life :), that's why for my friends who live in Beirut and sometimes have no access to brands that I love and know about (of course specially the Spanish and Italian ones). So this blog is dedicated to my lovely friends. I love Sushi and Su-Shi bags, shoes and lots more. Check them out here and wow online orders too on Who wants to ship my favourite sushi bag as a surprise gift on my doorstep? ?

Luxury Jewelry Designer: AURELIE BIDERMANN

Good Morning to my readers. Hope you are feeling great. One of my favourite Luxury French Jewelry Designer AURELIE BIDERMANN. She has individual and unique taste of beautiful cuffs, rings, charm bracelets and many more for all tastes. please check . If you can't find one of her stores in your country she's got e-store where you can put your order. Have fun :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Online Shopping: LuisaViaRoma

Good afternoon world. Well I hope you had a look at my previous post about online shopping. I will post another amazing online shopping site (which have offices in Florence,Italy). Please check Luxury Shopping Worldwide Shipping on their site Check Out the Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Mulberry Models ... All fit for the Spring/Summer 2011 style and color themes. ammmmmmmmmazing. I would like to encourage all specially Lebanese fashionistas to go ahead and try online shopping specially that I know many are addicted to buy luxury bags :) profit from the wonderful prices, unique pieces and above all many models can not be found in Lebanon.

Favourite TURKISH Star: TARKAN

Good afternoon all my Turkish readers, which are becoming huge already :) yessssss, you've got it, TARKAN Mega pop star. I love his music a lot and his last album is so amazzzzzzzing with all of the songs. For those who never heard of him yet, please check click here and hope you comment on my post if you like him. He will be on European Tour in 2011, he might be near you soon :) Can't wait to invite him to Beirut hope he will accept it.

Armin Van Buuren in Beirut, 22nd January 2011 at BIEL

heya, 22nd is a BIG day in Beirut and all are waiting since months.... yesssss Armin Van Buuren in town again with his great show ARMIN ONLY at Biel, anybody from Beirut or neighbouring countries are attending??? let me know please


Good morning all. Well, they are not content with having the world's biggest mall then world's tallest tower and now...... the world's biggest turkish hammam. Yes you've heard it. It's now in DUBAI. An amazing place, I would love to try this hammam and spend hours on that marble stone... SPAs are one of my favourite ways to relax and energize. Check it out here
what you think???? let's book it soon? come back in the afternoon to check out my favourite star.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to the Best Dutch DJ, Arctic Quest

Heya World, thank you for encouraging and liking my blog, it's nearly my 3rd day online and people are so much interested in my blog. I would like to take this occassion and welcome a special friend and great Dutch DJ Arctic Quest. Awesome Electronic music and already a big name in the music industry. Soon I will try to upload some of his music here for you. Stay tuned :) , Welcome Emiel ....

Roma Roma Roma

Many of you who already know me, knows my passion about photography. It's not possible to live in Italy and not have my camera in my bag 365 days of the year :)
These are some of my photos that was taken while walking ... More to come soon not only Rome but many other cities too that I visit so often :):):)
Adoro Italia e tutto che cé li (I adore Italy and everything that is there)... leave me comments if you like my photos. Tommorrow I will start series about amazing SPAs.
My 2 wheel Aston Martin :):):):):):)
All photos are by me (copyrighted material)

Online Shopping: Designers for Less

Hi, hope you are all enjoying reading my blog and useful the info i'm sharing. As promised earlier, here I go with the first website that has beautiful designer and affordable items of clothes,bags,shoes accessories and many more. The cool is that they have very nice stuff and international shipping (and it's very safe, have tried it myself). The clutch that I adore and very useful in professional lifestyle too can be found here
if you like it let me know.... happy surfing and shopping

RUSSIE in Rome

In the coming days I will start series about SPAs and Thermal Baths that are just so marvellous. For today it's not possible not to talk about this heaven that I've visited last time I was in Rome. Can't wait to visit back Italy soon and specially Rome. Russians in Rome? NO :) it's Hotel de Russie . Who Wants to stay there?


Heya world, good morning to all of you. When I first started my blog had millions of ideas in my mind. Now, I have zillions :) Day by Day my blog will be fed with cool stuff that interest me and hopefully my readers too. Mostly it will cover about Luxury hotels, Jewelry Designers, Travel Destinations, Photos taken by me (one of my passions). Will try with each post to insert websites of the subjects I'm covering, as well as website of designer online shopping. If you have any tips to share, new products you want us to know about, fun places you know about in your area or any other that's relevant to my blog, please email me and I will publish them here. Can't wait to kick off the 2011 with more fun and great hopes and things in my mind to accomplish.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

CopaCabana Wherever You Are, I want One

Whether you are in Copacabana, or cruising the Mediterranean, these designer bracelets will fit any occassion. It is just so lovely and refined. I would love all the colors of copacabana bracelets :) check it out here and what you think? i'm not right?

ROME CAVALIERI, wanna stay in this place

Who wouldn't love to stay in this place while in Rome, The Rome Cavalieri - An unforgettable experience, in the most memorable of places part of WALDORF Astoria Collection. check it out at and let me know what you think of it.

Sightseeing in one of my favourite places in Lebanon

Good afternoon all. While in Lebanon can't think of a better place to relax,enjoy the sunset and eat fish in one of the many restaurants overlooking the Mediterranean... to know more and see the photos I took of one of my favourite places, please tune in tommorrow to check it out :):) a small hint in this photo, more to come.... do you know where is this place ????

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Designers For Less

I would like for my readers and followers to know more about my passion. As much as I love travel and pampering myself visiting Spas, of course as many fahionistas I adore designer items.Butttttttt who can afford those in these crisis... Follow me on that too to give more info on online shopping "designer items for less and worldwide shipping" :) haleluiaaaaaaah all is possible.

Luxury Hotels & Spas

Another great news, following my blog you will be able to come across wonderful hotels, Spas,as well as news about jewelry designers that I love... Make sure you come back daily for more :)

Jewelry Designers

Heya, in the past two days I have been facing some technical problems with the post. Excuse me it's not my fault :) as a reward, will start posting in the coming days about Luxury Designers I came across while In Beirut... Stay tuned for this.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Heya to the World on 14.01.2011

Hello to the world. Today, 14.01.2011 is the 1st day I go online with my blog which will cover all the things I'm passionate about in my life. What are those? Well, Manyyyyy... All you have to do is to start following me here and experience reading about what's new in a town near you, photos of destinations I love, travel insider tips, fashion, art, and wonderful new destinations to talk about.....
I will start my first day with a wonderful flower photo shoot by me during my lovely trip to Istanbul. Wish myself luck :):):)