Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colors Colors Colors

Heya everyone. People who know me are already accustomed with regards to my passion for colors and the colorful clothes I wear once Spring is approaching. Being a Cancerian, in the winter season all I do is recharge to come back more alive once the sunshine is back. So, definitely this season is made just for me... Loud colors colors colors and the ones that I love and adore: blue, red, yellow, orange, and lots more.

But nevertheless, 2 years ago when I was shopping in Istanbul, I bought one blue electric bag and another yellow (which were not in fashion yet), and woooow I'm always ahead of time when it comes to fashion or color inspirations.... well, my turkish friend knows about that, as she dragged me to the shop again to buy her from that yellow bag too.... what an experience , I still laugh about it as to our experience in Sorrento in the midst of the Lemon Trees surrounded by nothing but lemon lemon lemon..... Love you my friend, I know you're following my blog.

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