Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jewelry : Nada G. Lebanese Jewelry Designer

Good morning world. About two years found this amazing white decorated shop in Gemmayzeh area in downtown Beirut and discovered handmade unique jewelry shop. Now she has become A List jewelry designer with a newly opened sophisiticated shop in Beirut Souks, Downtown district. The shop is so unique like the jewelry she represents. Have chosen here some of the models I like a lot and are on my wish list for Valentine's "of course" IF I find a Sultan who can offer them all to me :) You can check her webiste for the whole collection ,now which ones you like and want most?

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  1. Dear Princess TiTi,

    I must say it is very inspiring to bump into your blog and read what you have written about Nada G.

    I am not sure if you have met your Sultan, but if you haven't yet, and would still like to own one of the items you have selected, please consider that you will be getting a very special price on anything you choose.