Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ZARA RED Skinny Pant

Good morning world. It's been a while I realized having problem of not finding any of my style or colors that I love while shopping in Beirut... I don't know what's the problem with Lebanese fashion retailers that all they do is focus on Black and Brown for the market, so I shop ONLY when i travel, online which find it comfortable with amazing stuff that are not even in the market and unique, OR better I have an amazing friend in Istanbul, Turkey whom I rely a lot as we have same taste in fashion and when I ask her to shop for me I never think twice and guarantee she'll buy exactly what I love.... remember our lovely days when we were in Rome and had terrific shopping experience looking for bargains. I love luxury stuff, but come on we can't buy that on daily basis. So the other day I bought one ZARA pant (RED my favourite) and thought to style it with 5 different looks. Hope you like my styling, ONE pant FIVE styles. You can find ZARA skinny pants visiting online shopping section. Could have done other 5 styles, how would you do it?


  1. Darlingggg your taste is really good. I loved your red path. and many many thanks for your compliments:))) kissess

  2. wowww very nice combinations:))) i love your taste tooo. i wish we could go for shopping again